Measles. A Global Problem with a Global Solution.

In the complex landscape of global health, professionals grapple with diverse challenges ranging from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Yet, amidst these evolving threats, a surprising adversary has re-emerged: measles. This once nearly-eradicated disease has seen another troubling resurgence, starkly highlighting the ongoing gaps in our health systems that were further exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conversations with our colleague, Dr. Shalini Khare, we’ve delved into the underlying causes of this unexpected spike. In 2022 alone, measles cases surged by 88%, a hike that spans both developing and developed nations.¹ In January the UK’s Health Security Agency declared a ‘national incident’ in response to the rise in cases and at a the ESCMID Global Congress in Barcelona the WHO’s Dr Patrick O’Connor warned that countries could lose their ‘elimination status’ when it is reviewed in September.²

A key factor? Vaccine hesitancy, significantly fuelled by an increase in misinformation since the pandemic began. This hesitancy, combined with disrupted healthcare services, has created a perfect storm for measles to rise again.

This year, on World Health Day (April 7th) the World Health Organization (WHO) championed the theme ‘my health, my right,’ advocating for universal access to quality health services, education, and information.³ The resurgence of measles in Western contexts, traditionally excluded from such outbreaks, underscores the pervasive influence of misinformation and the need for balanced, comprehensive health education.

At Skating Panda, we see the increase both as a crisis and an opportunity for systemic change. Effective campaigning and robust community engagement are vital. It’s clear that combating measles isn’t merely about managing outbreaks but addressing the broader systemic issues that allow such diseases to prosper.

We urge experts, activists, and community leaders to get in touch and discuss with us the crafting and execution of strategies to ensure diseases like measles are relegated to the past. Your ideas and involvement are crucial as we strive to forge a path toward a healthier, more equitable world. Interested in collaborating? Reach out at

Through collaboration we can eliminate measles and reaffirm the right to health for all.



² The UK was declared measles-free by the WHO in 2017 but had this status stripped in 2019 and regranted again in 2021. 

³  You can check out the campaign here and the tangible calls to action. Whilst the calls to action were effective, like all the ‘international days of…’ we’d love to see the campaign extend this day. More work is needed to hold policy makers and other key stakeholders accountable, nationally and internationally.