Introducing our New Advisory Board

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest pandas in our embarrassment of pandas as we announce the formation of the new Skating Panda Advisory Board!

As the business landscape evolves, the consultancy sector must rise to meet the challenges of our time with a clear focus on doing better for both people and the planet. Our new advisory board responds directly to these evolving challenges, welcoming board members with unique experience, diverse expertise and perspectives. They all share the consulting agency’s commitment to accelerate Real Impact across sectors, businesses and organisations.

Mark Evans

Mark is an executive level marketer of 25 years now pursuing a portfolio career. He combines executive coaching with a number of non-exec, advisory and trustee roles, all while co-hosting a podcast – The Places We’ll Go Show.

‘I’m delighted to join Skating Panda’s board and I look forward to working with the team towards accelerating the way marketing drives social and environmental impact at a time when this is much needed. The world is inexorably shifting to a space where brands need to consider a broader range of stakeholders and impacts – that shift is what makes Skating Panda’s work so critical and exciting.’

Afua Basoah

Afua has 20 years of health consulting experience, designing strategies and developing partnerships to help healthcare clients realise their potential to drive both business and societal value.

‘I’m over the moon and honoured to be joining the Skating Panda board! The intersectional approach Skating Panda brings to all of its work is what convinced me to join forces and support the work they are doing. By focusing on how all their expertise areas of health, climate and gender intersect, we can work together to deliver stronger and more impactful campaigns that have an enduring impact and deliver against the UN SDG goals.’

Sarah Degnan Kambou

Sarah is a global development expert with 25 years of leadership experience directing gender equity and social justice initiatives in Africa, South Asia, the UK and Europe.

 ‘I’m delighted to join the Skating Panda board at a time when focusing on social impact has never been more important. With so many SDGs, including the one on gender equality, severely off track there needs to be a different approach to consulting that focuses on delivering long term systemic changes. That is at the core of what the team at Skating Panda does.’

Peregrine Riviere

After qualifying as a chartered accountant and a six-year stint in investment banking, Peregrine has spent more than 20 years leading investor relations programmes for companies across a wide range of sectors and sizes, leading ESG strategy in many of these roles.

‘What you do should carry more weight than what you say. Skating Panda embeds social impact strategies into the heart of organisations and has an amazing track record of driving change. I’m thrilled to be supporting them.’

Tahir Basheer

Tahir is a Partner and shareholder at leading media, entertainment and technology law firm Sheridans. His commercial legal practice includes clients across the following areas: creative industry entrepreneurs, celebrities and talent, technology growth companies, computer games and software, music, e-commerce and digital distribution, sport, fashion and, merchandising entities.

‘Having worked with Andrea and Skating Panda for some time, I am delighted to be joining their board. Long term social impact by consulting, curating and executing on campaigns allowing organisations to make meaningful impact on climate, gender and health has never been so important. I hope to contribute to Skating Panda’s wonderful work.’

Rather than helping our clients ‘look good’ or ‘do good’, we empower organisations to ‘be good’. We go beyond surface level actions, helping our clients to make bolder and braver decisions, improving performance and maximising impact sustainability.

The advisory board’s collective skills span law, finance, advocacy, marketing and activism to name a few, making them the right team to address the challenges of today and shape a better future. We can’t wait to start working with a formidable team, whose collective talent, knowledge of and passion for systemic change will play a pivotal role in steering us toward even greater success in creating lasting, positive change.

The new board members will formally take up their posts in January 2024 and we can’t wait to start working with them!