Skipping into 2019 like…

To some extent, we already know what 2019 has in store for us: Brexit and its aftermath; no doubt more Trump; renewed debates around returning Museum artefacts; Glastonbury is set to return; and the Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan. What don’t we know? A hell of a lot. And yet, everyone at Skating Panda HQ is buzzing for the year ahead.  

We don’t have some magical fortune teller predicting the future. Nor do we have a teleporting time machine or even a winning lottery ticket. What we do have however, is a growing team and clientele brought together on the same values and principles. This creates an endless amount of potential, which we are keen to harness.  

I’ve only been a strategist at Skating Panda for a few short months but in that time, I’ve witnessed first-hand a team of incredible individuals going above and beyond to support one another and their projects. The team has pulled out the bag a massive gender-led investment summit with international coverage; completed the first phase of a major purpose project for a professional services organisation; created a strategy to support a global public health platform on their sustainable funding; kick started and delivered national fundraising and awareness campaigns and now we are in thick of a research and positioning project focused on child protection in the digital age.  

Despite it being a very busy period, the unifying thing that drives the team is that whether the client is corporate, a brand, non-profit or NGO, the golden thread throughout is that they believe in possibility of change for the better. Or as Skating Panda refers to it positive growth 

To quote David Hieatt;  

The most important brands in the world make you feel something. They do that because they have something they want to change. And as customers, we want to be part of that change. 

We can’t tell you what the winning numbers are for this week’s Euromillions but we can reassure you that if you put positive change and values at the heart of everything you do, the possibilities are endless. So, bring on 2019 and please let the Spice Girls headline Glastonbury…