Why Skating Panda?

Everyone always asks, what’s behind the name Skating Panda?

First, we want to make a distinct difference – and there’s not much that’s more distinct than a black and white panda. Our aim is always to create real, memorable change where it’s needed most.

I’ve loved pandas for as long as I can remember. Calm but strong; easily identifiable by everyone, but unique in their distinctive black and white markings;  in ancient China a symbol of both power and peace, they are practical – brilliant at climbing and multitasking, they never hibernate and on top of that they are rare.

Second, and this is where the skating comes in: done with finesse, skating is fluid and graceful. I used to skate, reluctantly at first, on the frozen pond by my grandparents’ house as a child and on the flooded, frozen fields in long, cold winters. It’s akin to the creative expression of a carefully planned and intricately managed project. Like all great skaters, we are ambitious in our execution, always aiming for the metaphorical triple axel, but less complicated propositions do not mean we compromise our technique.

Third, we aim for the unexpected. Have you seen a panda skate? We orchestrate the unusual and make powerful, sometimes surprising connections – all without taking ourselves too seriously, while delivering with rigour and focus to ensure our clients’ success.

The image of a skating panda is a paradox, but blending the virtues of left- and right- brain thinking is at our core. Every project gets a bespoke response and we’re big on collaboration, strategy and partnership– bringing together eloquent voices and great campaigns, businesses and charities, celebrities and causes. But we don’t stop at connecting – we then work closely with all the players to figure out how to maximise their collective impact – be it on a global or local basis.

Above all, we are thinkers who really do get stuff done.

When we’ve asked clients and friends what they think about our name so far include ‘a karate move’, ‘the art of the impossible’, ‘a cool cocktailthat Kit Kat ad’ and ‘a company specialising in reputation management, encapsulated in the delicate art of skating on thin ice’.

We’d love to know what you think about Skating Panda.

Andrea Hartley is the Founder of Skating Panda.