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The Challenge

To provide the building blocks to create a movement to reach Indian adolescent girls through BT’s core areas of expertise – technology and sport. Using research, the task was to create a national campaign  and a corporate coalition to help reach this audience. The campaign needed to reach current and future employees and drive engagement with BT’s UK customers through its Customer Giving Platform.

The Work

To pool resources and funds together, Skating Panda established a ‘Community of Practice’ to provide an expert advisory panel. We then developed a three year coalition plan to create a unified, consistent and strong message to drive greater investment, public awareness and government engagement. We led the launch to employees, and then the public, to create a movement and garner support.

The Impact

The work achieved high employee engagement to volunteer, with numbers increasing year-on-year.  The movement grew pride among all social groups within the company, with 99.8% of women on maternity leave returning to work as they felt more connected and looked after.

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