Skating Around the World – Social Impact April News Round-Up

In our series ‘Skating Around the World’, we invite you to enjoy some of our favourite significant news stories throughout April which demonstrate who and what is driving positive social impact towards a thriving planet and healthier and fairer society. 

  • Ghana and Nigeria have become the first countries to approve the life-changing malaria vaccine for infants aged 5 months – 3 years, developed by scientists at the University of Oxford.  
  • The London Marathon, held on 23rd April, was the biggest ever with more than 48,000 runners attending. Overall, over £60 million was raised for various charities and important causes by the runners. 
  • Extinction Rebellion led a four-day action from the 21st – the 24th of April to peacefully protest throughout Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. They demanded that ministers stop supporting new fossil fuel projects, halt new oil exploration licences, and set up emergency climate assemblies as part of a citizen-led democracy to end fossil fuel generation. The protests gained wide support from thousands of people including local community groups, larger organisations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, and businesses like Patagonia.  
  • Scientists have discovered deep-sea coral reefs, containing octopus, deep-sea fish, and lobsters, in excellent condition in the Galapagos, raising hopes that reefs will still be able to survive despite rising sea temperatures. 
  • In Australia, the Queensland government are set to decriminalise sex work after a major review by the Queensland Law Reform Commission made 47 recommendations to provide greater protections to sex workers and to treat their work as a job, instead of a crime. 
  • In Scotland, approximately 60% of secondary schools have adopted an LGBT+ scheme, established by LGBT Youth Scotland. It provides training to challenge prejudice and ensures equality and diversity are at the core of the school’s values.