Tabitha James Kraan

The Challenge

Tabitha James Kraan is one of the UK’s leading organic hairstylists. In 2015, she and her partner launched a range of salon quality, 100% natural products to the public, entering the USD 80bn global haircare market. With a deep commitment to using only natural ingredients, the products were well received by the industry and early customers. But to create real impact in the market and reach its growth targets, TJK needed to bring a much broader audience into its natural world and make the ethos of TJK unmissable in the critical influencer space.

The Work

Skating Panda’s two-stage service offering for startups began with an immersive, interactive process to define and articulate TJK’s unique and powerful purpose, along with a set of values and beliefs that would remain at the heart of the growth strategy. Audience development was the second step, developing a targeted strategy based on market size and mindset drivers followed by a strategic communications plan and influencer-led content approach.

The Impact

TJK is positioned to re-energise the brand to strongly deliver on its core purpose of being “guardians of natural hair” by challenging the industry and educating consumers around natural products. It is currently redeveloping its communications, hiring new team members, and seeking investment to scale growth globally. By taking a strong and committed position on what “natural” really means in personal care, TJK is positioned to not only transform consumers’ attitudes but force the big corporates to reconsider both their ingredients and their commitments.

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Tabitha James Kraan