Internet Watch Foundation

The Challenge

The Internet Watch Foundation are at the frontline of tackling child sexual abuse on internet. In a highly complex and emotive area, they asked Skating Panda to explore the strategic benefits of engaging celebrities and high-profile supporters to help amplify the work of the IWF to its core audiences.

The Work

Through a mixture of stakeholder interviews, audience and channel analysis and research into comparative campaigns, Skating Panda identified and defined in further detail three objectives that an IWF high profile supporter strategy needed in order to deliver the organisation’s overall strategic aims. We also provided recommendations for the celebrity selection and onboarding process, as well as relationship management.

The Impact

Skating Panda’s work with the Internet Watch Foundation informed and channelled the organisation’s overall strategic aims by focusing on three pivotal objectives. Respectively, these are 1) generate mass awareness; 2) educate 16-24 year-old men enabling them to report images anonymously online; 3) engage prospective members. Our work with the IWF continues as we are now developing a fundraising communication strategy to increase and diversify income.

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Internet Watch Foundation