Make Poverty History

The Challenge

To mobilise world leaders, their advisors and people around the world to take action against poverty – which lives on today.

The Work

To generate multi-stakeholder support in the run-up to a key G8 summit in Gleneagles, Skating Panda engaged the business community on a topic it would normally carefully avoid. Engaging high-profile, influential business leaders to participate in the campaign was part of the project; the other part involved marketing Richard Curtis’ TV film, The Girl in the Café (Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald), to cement change at the highest level of government in G8 leadership.

The Impact

Skating Panda’s work contributed towards unprecedented outcomes and deals reached such as the $50bn Africa aid boost and debt cancellation deal. Although the campaign came to an end in 2006 after the G8 summit, it helped inspire various members to work together on further campaigns: in 2009, MPs and candidates were contacted by local campaigners and handed a copy of the Vote Global manifesto. In 2010, over 40,000 emails were sent demanding a Robin Hood Tax and people emailed their candidates calling for a reduction of CO2 emissions of 40% by 2020.  In 2015, a report was commissioned to mark the 10 year anniversary and work still carries on to this day.

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Make Poverty History