Promoting positive gaming to investors and parents 

The Challenge

Girl-gaming tech firm, Toya, needed to raise awareness of their product and their mission –  to use gaming to help close the gender gap  – amongst two critical but diverse audiences. As a start-up, they needed to reach potential investors with messages about the potential return on investing in games designed for women and girls. And they needed to increase sales by reaching parents to challenge negative attitudes towards screen time, building a movement where parents positively encourage their children to play games.

The Work

Skating Panda developed a messaging strategy and matrix to target both audience groups effectively and to guide all brand communications. The strategy was designed to help Toya land their strong purpose with clarity and consistency to the outside world in all their communications. For the first activation Skating Panda handled all media relations for the launch of the new game in the Coach Jen series, selling in interviews with Coach Jen Welter, the first ever female NFL coach (and inspiration for the game) to key national outlets in the US & the UK. 

The Impact

The messaging strategy and matrix helped Toya build a clear, consistent and distinctive brand presence and to engage their key customer and investor audiences across all media. In the UK, coverage for the Coach Jen Series was featured on Sky Sports and The Daily Telegraph, reaching both parent and investor audiences and a combined audience reach of over 10 million.

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