Stand Up to Cancer

The Challenge

Develop and execute a new fundraising format for Cancer Research UK. The conversation around cancer required innovation. The need was to give a fresh dimension to the fight against cancer, by reigniting the conversation and driving new funding sources. The aim was to focus on a previously untapped demographic of young adults,  encouraging them to change their behaviour and become more cancer aware.

The Work

To target this demographic, Skating Panda  adapted a US format for the UK and thereby built and delivered a national television campaign on Channel 4, using well-known celebrities to tell moving, personal stories as well as presenting the facts. This approach turned a sensitive subject  into something relatable, using humour and storytelling to convey key messages. In doing so, this debunked the myths so people could make better life choices to prevent cancer.

The Impact

The campaign continues to reach a young demographic for Cancer Research UK, as 80% of initial viewers were not existing supporters. As a direct result, this has generated over £40+m for cancer research since its launch in 2012, with the number still growing.

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Stand Up To Cancer